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1000 Fixes in Youtuber’s Life 2 Anniversary Update

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The #CityStories update to Youtuber’s Life is set to debut in less than a month and introduce an impressive number of new mechanics and improvements.

Youtuber’s Life 2 is the second part of the popular simulator that enables the players to take on the role of online content creators, climbing the career ladder of a vlogger. A year after the game’s release, the developers announced a free update, which is expected to introduce new gameplay elements and improvements to old mechanics.

As many as a thousand improvements and new features for Youtuber’s Life 2 will be made available on October 20 this year.

What novelties and changes to expect in Youtubers Life 2?

  • a new skill tree,
  • additional elements of character customization – clothes, furniture and items, available in secret locations,
  • more challenges and rewards for completing them,
  • an electric monocycle as a new means of transportation,
  • improved stories of up to 30 potential friends, including unique adventures involving time travel or mutants,
  • improved dialogues and cutscenes,
  • new cards that offer unique benefits for characters,
  • bug fixes and overall game quality.

Studio U-Play Online shows dedication to fans and the brand by celebrating first birthday of Youtuber’s Life 2 so lavishly. Will the proud-sounding thousand new features be enough to draw players’ attention back to a title whose main storyline, according to HowLongToBeat, can be completed in 17 hours?

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