For North American players Victor Wong and Austin crashies Roberts will be free to join VALORANT vs. New Yorkers have become unrestricted free agents since they didn’t acquire a spot in the American partnership league.

Two of the three teams launching the programme for twenty-three years on the road from Riot Games announced a victory and two accidenties announcement that took place less than 30 minutes. OpTic did not become a member of the American baseball team in the summer of 2022, despite all the success that Pujan FNS Mehta, Jaccob yay Whiteaker, Jimmy Marved Nguyen, Victor and crashies had under Envy in 2021 and OpTic in 2022.

2023 without restrictions. Give me a call by @derrick_truong.

O’Tic Victor (@victorwong) September 21, 2022.

Victor and crashies helped Envy to victory in the second place in the VCT Masters of Berlin in September 2021, but they finally arrived in 2022. Victor and crashies won the VCT Masters One Reykjavik in April, erwarted third place at the VCT Masters Two Copenhagen in July, and were runners-up in VALORANT Champions this month.

The news that Victor and crashies have become free agents confirms a report from Dot Esports in July 2022 that the long-term future of OpTics in VALORANT was left in doubt due to upcoming contracts expirations.

As of now, the organizations plan in VALORANT were worried about this point. The end result was the same with Riot, giving OpTic the chance to be out of the partnership for 2023. The North American teams in the American League are Sentinels, Cloud9, NRG, Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves.

It’s not clear whether Victor and crashies will search for individual offers or wait for an organization to sign them, along with yay, Marved and FNS from OpTic.