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A look at the mounts of the mobile RPG Chaos Legends

Snail Games brings us today a look at the mounts available in their new mobile RPG Chaos Legends. The game was released for IOS Y Android at the end of last month.

Path to Victory: General Information on Mounts
In a vast world of monsters, demons and numerous enemies, the heroes will be challenged at every turn. Moving through that world is exhausting. Even the mightiest of warriors can tire of long journeys across vast lands in search of treasure, glory, and solutions to the mysteries that plague the land. Luckily, you don’t need to walk every step of your journey, you can sit astride their mythical steeds.

Chaos Legends offers us a unique and exciting online RPG experience for mobile. Of course, no fantasy adventure would be complete without the mystical and fantastical montages! In this Chaos Legends guide we talk about everything you need to know about mounts:

Journey across the land
Since the world is big, it takes a long time to go from one place to another. To prevent players from getting overwhelmed, Chaos Legends provides a solution with mounts.

Here’s a quick description of just a few of the mounts available in Chaos Legends:

last_chaos_mount004 last_chaos_mount003 last_chaos_mount002


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