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A walk through the world of Revelation Online with its new trailer

From My.com they bring us today a new trailer for Revelation Online. Here we can take a look at the world of nuanor and know its different locations and its inhabitants.

Revelation Online will allow us to explore the world thanks to the possibility of fly unrestricted by the skies of Nuanor. Although if we do not want to tire our wings we can always use one of the different mounts of the game. A world we can explore no loading screens from the skies to the depths of the ocean.

In the video we are also given a look at the different castles that the most powerful clans will be able to claim and defend.

The Revelation Online beta is expected to begin this fall. And from my.com still nor have announced the business model. We are waiting to find out if it will be free-to-play or buy-to-play.


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