Activision Blizzard and NetEase are frequent collaborators. In fact, the two companies recently worked together on Diablo Immortal, which saw one player spend 100 dollars in microtransactions on the game. It wouldn’t be surprising if the two actually cooked up something new. Sadly, it seems that the two gaming giants have a joint venture that will go through.

The cancellation of World of Warcraft mobile games will squander the relation between the two companies.

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According to Bloomberg, the canceled project was in development for three years only so as the financial disagreements caused the loss of hope for the game. The team, which is said to be made up of 100 developers, is not anymore. The report, however, adds that a few employees received offers for internal transfers.

World of Warcraft remains, even though it’s already existed for twenty years, a widely known and profitable game for Activision.

When it was called “Neptune” the massively multiplayer online RPG in the World of Warcraft universe would have been a spin-off set in the same universe but on a different time frame.

So far as I stated otherwise, NetEase is going to be the same as most in China. The Chinese company is responsible for distributing several Blizzard franchises in China.

Activision Blizzard was optimistic about their futures in the next few months when he posted slower than usual earnings last quarter. The publisher is hoping to become popular with its existing IPs as soon as it launches the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight and World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King Classic.