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Activision Blizzard’s Mobile Revenues Surpass PC And Consoles Combined

For those who still doubt the popularity of mobile games, Activision Blizzard reports that more than half of its total revenue from the past quarter came from mobile. According to the company’s Q2 2022 financial report, their portfolio of mobile games raked in a whopping $831 million, surpassing the combined sales from PC and mobile which generated $332 million and $376 million in sales, respectively, for the quarter ending on June 30.

Activision Blizzard also earned an additional $105 million from the “Others” category which includes revenues from its Overwatch and Call of Duty eSports leagues. Even if you added that to the total PC and console sales, it still wouldn’t be able to surpass the company’s total revenue from mobile.

The recent financial report also shows an uptrend in mobile revenues and which only slightly surpassed consoles sales in the same quarter in 2021. Mobile sales for that period amounted to $795 million which accounted for 35% of Activision Blizzard’s total revenue, while console sales came up to $740 million, translating to roughly 32% of the quarterly total. PC came in at 27% with $628 million in total revenue for Q2 2021. That’s a massive dip in a years’ time for both PC and console.

activision blizzard q2 2022 net revenue by platform

Activision attributes the poor performance on PC and console to a decrease in net bookings for World of Warcraft, which saw the release of The Burning Crusade Classic in the same quarter last year, and “lower engagement for the Call of Duty franchise.” The decline may also be due to people going back to on-site work and having less time for gaming on PC and consoles.

It’s also worth noting that the lion’s share of the company’s mobile revenues came from the King division of the company (the third company in ABK) and not necessarily Blizzard, who launched the controversial money-grabbing Diablo Immortal on mobile and PC in early June. The mobile game publisher reported total revenues of $684 million, thanks to the continuing popularity of its mobile puzzle game Candy Crush, which remains the App Store’s top-grossing game for five straight years.

activision blizzard q2 2022 net revenue subsidiaries

The increased earnings from mobile games is likely the reason for Activision Blizzard’s recent focus on mobile games development despite strong criticism from PC and console users. Diablo Immortal alone has earned the company over $100 million in sales and surpassed 30 million players just two months after its release. And while fewer players are playing Call of Duty on PC, Call of Duty mobile revenues have remained “consistent” over the past two quarters with plans to launch a separate mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone. The company is also moving forward with the development of mobile strategy game Warcraft Arclight Rumble, which is currently in testing in selected regions.

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