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Additional suits, helmets, liveries and more come to F1 2019

With F1 2019, Codemasters have pulled one out of the bag, providing the ultimate F1 experience aside from heading to the pit-lane for real. But they have also used F1 2019 as a breeding ground for new content opportunities and once more we see a whole slew of new gear arrive for purchase. It’s pretty damn decent stuff though.

Rocking up onto a digital store near you are all manner of downloadable content options for you to take in, following up on the previous batch of bundles that arrived a few short weeks ago. This time round though we see individual items ready for purchase, with helmets, gloves, badges and liveries all in place.

Running from a starting price of £0.79 for the Badges, moving into £0.99 territory for the Gloves and Suits and right up to a massive – well, not massive – £1.99 for the Car Livery additions, the following options are now ready to hit the grid…

  • Car Livery ‘OVOLO – Blur’
  • Suit ‘Sci-Fi’
  • Car Livery ‘NOVUS – Disruption’
  • Car Livery ‘VENUS – Luxury’
  • Gloves ‘Molten Iron’
  • Badge ‘Metal’
  • Badge ‘Off Earth’
  • Gloves ‘Stunning Violet’
  • Badge ‘Big Cat’
  • Badge ‘Tool Master’
  • Helmet ‘Spikes’
  • Gloves ‘Digital Camo’
  • Car Livery ‘Monnaie’
  • Suit ‘Stunning Violet’
  • Helmet ‘Striker’
  • Gloves ‘Monochrome’
  • Gloves ‘Sci-Fi’
  • Suit ‘Monochrome’
  • Suit ‘Digital Camo’
  • Suit ‘Molten Iron’

Should you be as taken by F1 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 or PC as we have been and need some extra little detail in your life, then getting hold of any of the items from the list above should be a simple matter. With low prices attached, and plenty of bragging rights across lobbies and leaderboards open, now is a great time time to be an F1 racer.

You can grab each and every one of these latest additions to F1 2019 by heading to your favoured digital store. Us Xbox One gamers should therefore make a beeline for the Xbox Store in order to get the download moving.

Obviously you’ll need the base game of F1 2019 to hand first. Let us know which of the new options you decide to run with. The comments section is down below.

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