EA has given a new update to the daily grind but it’s not really fine. To whatever reason anyone who logged in from December 28 at 2:45 to December 29 at noon (EST) had their saves corrupted.

If you didn’t leave the room for a while, youre not in the dark, as it was not affected by your save. Here’s the complete message of the Madden team posted on the EA.

Hello Madden’s Franchise Association,

We wanted to provide an update and next steps around your online franchise, CFM Leagues and FOTF saves from 12/18.

From the developers: On Wednesday 12/28 around 2:45 o’clock, players trying to access the Franchise server were mistaken for lack of time. The problem continues until on Thursday, 30th of April. Unfortunately, if you logged into Franchise leagues during that time, your data was affected because of a data storage issue that resulted in the loss of all franchise files.

Note: Players and leagues that didn’t log in during that window, weren’t affected by your leagues and are safe to log in and play.

First of all, we are sorry that this happened. We know what your franchises are for us, and we’re working for a long time to save some files through a backup. However, not all of the affected leagues are allowed to be restored. The team plan to recover around 40% of leagues. We’ll publish an updated timeline next week around the possibility of restoring saves from backups.

If you logged in during the above window, you should start a new franchise as the mode runs up. Stay tuned to @MaddenNFLDirect for updates on the Franchise Restoration.

The actual report is available here on the EA website.

Even if EA can recover around 40% of league saves, the remaining 60% will end up leaving the rest to go forever. It’s a disappointing announcement, many players have sunk in many hours in Franchise mode.

EA is releasing the latest update on the Franchise restoration process, but as there is no guarantee that your special save file is recoverable, you may want to start a new franchise from scratch.