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Albion Online Fills Up With Riches And Artifacts Ahead Of Final Beta

the german developer Sandbox Interactive is committed to offering the best gaming experience possible to gamers of the MMORPG sandbox, Albion Online; the addition of the new Artifacts in the final beta is another proof. These special items give players a new type of equipment, each with a unique appearance, possessing unique abilities and spells. That doesn’t just mean more valuable loot in PvE zones, it means a new way to increase player power and versatility is coming to the game.

When the final beta launches on August 1, 18 of these Artifacts (including new weapons and armor) will be available to players. But Sandbox Interactive already has more in store. As the development of the game progresses, the developer will release and offer players a total of 81 new Artifacts.

For more information about Albion Artifacts Online in its final beta version, you can watch this video:

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