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AlterVerse Concludes Sky City Pre-Alpha Weekend; Alpha Test to Begin in December

Early supporters managed to get a first taste of the game by trying out various gameplay available in Sky City.

What’s in the AlterVerse Sky City Alpha preview?

AlterVerse, an Enjin-based gaming metaverse, recently hosted a Pre-Alpha weekend from November 11th to 13th. The closed Alpha preview was open to those with Citizen and Founder NFTs, allowing them to explore the various gameplay of Sky City. 

AlterVerse is an extensive metaverse comprised of three connected realms: Sky City, OutPost, and Rekt. Being the first part of AlterVerse, Sky City is the community hub where players can hang out with their friends or engage in different activities to earn P2E credits. OutPost and Rekt, on the other hand, are gaming worlds that’ll host multiple FPS and survival games at launch. 

Sitting in the clouds of an alien planet called Aureus, Sky City is a virtual metropolitan with all sorts of infrastructures and facilities. There are 16 floating Halospheres surrounding it, each with different biomes for the keen players to discover.  

During the Alpha preview, players had a chance to own lands, build their houses, fly Sky Cars around, explore the city and surrounding areas, and participate in PvP and other mini-games. While there are minor bugs in the game, it’s safe to say that fans are still happy with the overall experience. 

Members of the Pre-Alpha even took some snapshots, showing some realistic graphics of Sky City as below: 

When is the next playtest?  

The next playtest, Sky City Closed Alpha, will occur on December 12th, 2022. The team will send out more invites so interested players can sign up here. Alternatively, they can also purchase a $100 Legendary Lifetime Citizenship, which provides free access to AlterVerse for life.

Looking at the roadmap, Sky City will move into Closed Beta in Q1 2023, with OutPost Pre-Alpha to launch at the same time. By Q2 2023, Sky City will be released in Public Beta, along with a land NFT sale and REKT Pre-Alpha in the same quarter. 

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