The news culture of Amazon rivals to Netflix as the 9-series were released in 2022.

Published 31/12/2022 at 13:05.

Who says holidays are spent and what does his return? This time, had taken care of the animated book in the Amazon a long time ago. The Rings of Power series, but not only! This year was really good in productions. So let’s give a little overview.


The Legend of the Vox Machina The Lord of the Rings: The Power of the Mansman, of the worlds of FlynneReacherThe boys season 3The boys presents: DiabolicalThe Devil Hour The stars of the stars.

The Vox Legend of Machina: The legend.

This animated film is based on the Critical Role-series. Young, fearless adventurers go on a dangerous journey to save their kingdom from dark magic and wild monsters. A fantasy with shameful humor that will attract mainly to those who love the Role Playing Games and which will make for fun Dungeon and Dragon games.

The Lord of the Rings: The Power Rings.

How can we talk about the Amazon movie without talking about the Rings of Power? The most expensive series in the world, airing in September 20, 22, was timely to compete with the movie House of the Dragon which was released simultaneously. This colossal production was made in the same way that the Lord of the Rings and Hobbits were conceived three thousand years ago. Although not all fans agree this is a successful adaptation, it is a production of high quality. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of the Lord is promising, but it’s going to take patience to finally see the sequel.

Paper Girls

When the elderly went back, but also in 2019! 4 young women were born into our present, churning their lives with the newspapers. They discover a new environment, which for them is futuristic, while they meet their future. If two enemy tribes are in war, they will probably find a way back to 1988. Though this series is promising, there is no sequel with the second season.

Peripherals are flynne’s worlds.

In 2032, our world was shook very quickly, leaving our society and mentalities touched. In this context, Flynne Fisher discovers a very realistic video game where she sees the murder on her doorstep. This striking scene makes him wonder whether it’s a fiction or a dark reality. The Worlds of Flynne: Peripherals are visually stunning and provide a remarkable narrative to the viewers. We have to wait for season 2 to see how this excellent production will grow.


Jack Reacher, a former soldier who lives during his travels doing odd jobs, is accused of murder and has been arrested for not committed the crime. Not just some murder, it’s the father of a criminally criminal who is investigating a case of money trafficking. In the form of a novel – From the bottom of the abyss, Reacher is very interesting to fans of action and suspense. The series doesn’t go easily. It’s also quite faithful to this book.

Everything about Reacher on AlloCine.

Youth Season 3 is for boys.

The third season of The Boys saw the dark weather in the summer of 2022. The series where the heroes are villains with psychopathic behavior or, at best, large immature people has returned into force. The second season of the series, with a new hero named Petit Soldat, is still an adventure tense and immoral. After the destruction of a homelander with the height of his mania, The Boys promised us a real spectacle.

The Boys presents: Diabolical, Diabolic and Cultural.

The Boys presents a cartoon drama that is carried out by the same person with The Boys. These animated spin-offs are one of a number of superhero novels. If you want your blood, violence and dark humor, you can go right. The Boys Presents: Diabolical is a beautiful feature. It’s useful to watch as much as you like, and those like The Boys and The Seven have many adventures.

The Night of the Devils is on Saturday.

The Devils Hour is a chilling thriller with a social worker named Lucy who will get caught in terrifying visions at exactly 3 o’clock. Her entourage is formed by the fearful 88-year-old, her disturbingly abusive mother and her haunted house. His name is unrecognizable with murders. Therefore, Lucy always fails to find meaning in this whole situation.

A face to the stars.

In VO, Towards the Stars or Night Sky is a science fiction novel. A retired couple named the Yorks hide a secret extraordinary: they have access to an area that leads directly, and without explanation, to another planet. Since it is such a marvelous phenomena that, to take advantage of this incredible phenomenon to marvel at the landscapes from a world, they are not safe against danger. One series of high quality, unfortunately, won’t be entitled to another season. Even if the cancellation didn’t disappoint the fans, we can still imagine ourselves lucky that we were able to enjoy this remarkable, but, nevertheless, short production.

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