If fear of medical bills doesn’t stop you from leaving hospitals, the next horror movie, Disquiet, can be good for you. That new trailer for the psychological nightmare-inducing thriller released by Paramount will brim with jump scares and body horror to force anyone to consider handling a broken leg.

The film follows Sam (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) following a brutal car accident that leaves him in a hospital. As far as he could take a breath, the hospital would find his hospital prison and accept a free escape from the enemy. Upon waking up he found a facility for healing and sending patients on their way is flipping the script.

The trailer features several spine-tingling moments, from a deranged patient chasing the protagonist down a fluorescently lit hallway to anesthesia with their eyes and mouths darkly twisted, to a whiz of a knickling eye pointing at him as a child. Essentially everything you fear is seen in a dimly illuminated hospital, Disquiet is bringing to the screen.

Paramounts upcoming hospital horror is written and directed by Michael Winnick, who has achieved fame with 2018’s Malicious.

Disquiet will be released in certain theaters and available on Digital/On Demand Feb 10, 2023.