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Ana is the name of the new support hero coming soon to Overwatch

After many rumors and speculation, we already know the name of the next hero to come to Overwatch. It will be Ana Amari, Pharah’s mother, and a founding member of Overwatch who will soon make her appearance in the game.

Ana’s main weapon is her biotic riflecapable of firing long-range darts that restore health to allies or deal damage to enemies.

Also, their biotic grenades They are perfect for close range, healing teammates while also dealing damage to enemies in a small area of ​​effect (affected allies also receive increased healing from all sources for a short time, and enemies hit cannot be healed).

If the battle gets tough, Ana’s secondary weapon can fire sedative darts to render opponents unconscious.

Finally, NanostimulantsAna’s ultimate, turns one of her teammates into a Super Soldier, making them move faster, deal more damage, and take less damage from enemy attacks.

Ana will be available to play from today on the PTR test server for PC.

Here Makina speaks to us and teaches Ana:

I also add the trailer with the story of Ana

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