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Apex Legends Warns Players Against Harassing And Threatening The Dev Team

We all have complaints about our favorite games, be it bugs and glitches, unbalanced combat or characters, pay-to-win mechanics, or some other thing that we’d like to be addressed by the developers. It’s important, however, to learn to draw the line between complaining and full-blown harassment. That’s what Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment hopes to address in a recent statement on Twitter.

“Recently, we have seen increased harassment towards members of our development team,” Respawn said. “We welcome the input, however, the line between constructive feedback and the harassment of our dev team cannot be crossed.”

“We want to remind players that we have a zero tolerance policy for threats and the harassment of our developers,” the studio added. “We will take appropriate action to ensure the health and safety of our team.”

“We love hearing feedback and will continue to work alongside our community to foster a respectful, collaborative environment, and uphold the competitive integrity of our game,” Respawn concluded.

Some of the more recent complaints thrown at the dev team revolve around the battle royale shooter’s Gun Run mode, matchmaking, hit detection, and other issues and bugs. While these are perfectly legitimate causes for complaints, the problem is more about how the complaints were delivered and not that the complaints didn’t have any merit. After all, you wouldn’t really want to fall into the developers’ bad graces, banned, or even sued just because you’re not getting your way.

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