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ArcheAge: System of Classes and Combos and construction of houses

To liven up Sunday a little, today we bring you a couple of videos where we will teach you both the Class and Combos System and Housing (or the construction of houses).

In ArcheAge there are many different skill trees (Battlerage, Sorcery, Shadowplay, etc). During the creation of our character we will choose one of these skill trees, at level five another, and at level ten the third. The set of these three skill trees that we have chosen will tell us the class we are and the role we will adopt in the game.

These skill trees we can change them whenever we want by paying goldso we can change the class of our character later.

Create your skill build: http://arche-base.com/


On the other hand, in the second video we will talk about how build our own house in ArchAge, step by step. First we will go to Mirage Isle to buy the plans, we will locate the house, and finally we will collect the necessary materials.

If you have any questions or want to add something you can do it in the comments.


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