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ArcheAge: The Spanish community recommends the EU Shatigon server

A few days ago a meeting took place between many of the ArcheAge clans and the members of the community and Spanish ArcheAgeSP fansite. The point of the day was decide which server the spanish community and hispanic clans would go to.

The end result is the Shatigon european server. The community announcement is as follows:

Well, in view of the meeting (and its results) that took place last night and the fervent discussions that have taken place on this subject, not only is this fansite, but also on other websites…

ArcheAgeSP has decided that based on the wishes of the majority of people and clans, shatigon will be the EU server recommended for this community.

First of all, we want to make it clear that no one forces anyone to go to this servereach clan / person can decide to go to any other if they consider it appropriate, this is nothing more than a reference, which is especially focused on new users who are looking for information about the server in which more Spaniards are concentrated.

Thanks Dresler for the warning.

Source | http://www.archeagesp.com/

Note – I also add kyprosa as a server where some Hispanic clans will go as you tell us below.


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