Pokemon journeys will definitely end with Ash Ketchum’s journey. Since he began his career as a Pokemon trainer for years over the entire time, the man seems to be unable to age himself, and realized the dream of becoming the world champion thanks to this new season. As soon as we entered the Masters 8 tournament, with Leon in the crown, Ash is yet to be declared the stars of Pokemon anime. And maybe that’s ok.

Pokemon Journeys doesn’t just look like a finale for Ash’s journey because he could take the world championship because of his Alola Region victory, but as it has now been, as well as given Ash the chance to not only reunite with old friends and foes over the course of its a hundred plus episode run, but also to say hello to the old Pokemon. Of course, Ash is an excellent substitute for him, who hasn’t only a dream like that of his dream, but also a keen desire to learn the ancient Pokémon Mew where Goh will begin the adventure.

If it weren’t Ash Ketchum, then who?

The Pokemon fan thought that this might be the best time for Ash to hang up his Pokeballs and allow a new generation to lead the anime adaptation.

She knows what, I take back everything I have said. Journeys is the perfect ending for Ash. This scene reminded me of the lionypoke movie #twitter.com/hrFban2FH6.

Fire (@FireType_Tep) November 11, 2022

The fans who watched this week, eagerly recognized that Ash is the ultimate winner of the Masters 8 tournament. Viele believe that this day won’t ever come. After being the lead trainer for about two decades, it would seem to be necessary to see the world through a new trainer. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will also be hitting the Nintendo Switch, with the arrival of a new region which will be incorporated into the Pokemon world and will likely be the best one for the series to pass the torch.

Do you think it’s time for the anime adaptation to give Ash Ketchum farewell?