Only on the PC.

The developers at Big Blue Bubble announced their Power Chord card roguelike will be on sale on Steam on the 26th of January. This project is very original and original, but its action is made in a world of heavy metal demons.

For a worthy battle with the enemy, the defender of Power Chord needs to collect a musical group composed of guitarist, vocalist, drummer and bassist. The whole team can beat the devil with card and play a game. Every rocker will be given the unique deck of their own mate with a set of skills.

The developers of Power Chord created a list of great inspirations such as Darkest Dungeon, Monster Train and Slay the Spire. The group of musicians embarks on an exploratory tour of an randomly generated global map filled with merchants, enemies, many random events and even places to stay. As you progress, you can also replenish your cards.


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Power Chord is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the console version of the bagel hasn’t yet been released.