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Auriel will be the next hero to arrive in Heroes of the Storm

While we are still exploring the possibilities of Gul’dan the last hero to reach the nexus, Blizzard is already preparing what the next hero will be. Soon Auriel will descend from the skies to help and support the nexus heroes.

In this link you can know Auriel’s abilities and characteristics.

Archangel Auriel imbues the fabric of creation with the power of hope. The eternal light from him illuminates even the darkest souls. Auriel seeks harmony in all things, and is a mediator, counselor, and in times of need, a fearless fighter.

Auriel joins the Nexus with the goal of bringing hope and harmony wherever she goes. He is a new support hero who spares no effort in his fight against evil. He will not let the darkness consume the Nexus!


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