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Baldur’s Gate 3 – Patch 5 is Now Live, Includes New Shadowheart Scenes

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Announced last week, Patch 5 for Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available for early access players. It adds a number of new features like the Active Roll System (spells and other bonuses will now influence skill checks), Background Goals (provides mini-quests that encourage role-playing) and much more. The patch notes also detail some of the many new scenes for Shadowheart.

These range from new recruitment scenes to scenes that expand on the artefact she’s carrying. An additional scene in the camp between Scratch the dog and the owlbear cub has also been added. Point and click character responses, 12 new magic items as loot and quest rewards, active rolls for picking locks and disarming traps and much more have also been added. There’s also a Disengage action for combat to avoid Attacks of Opportunity (but jumping can now provoke the same so be careful).

Check out the full patch notes here. Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available in early access and while it won’t release this year, Larian Studios is looking at 2022 for a full release. Stay tuned for more details on subsequent patches and updates in the coming months.

Patch #5

Improvements and Additions

  • Added new scenes expanding on Shadowheart’s mysterious artefact.
  • Added new recruitment scenes with Shadowheart.
  • Additional reactivity from Shadowheart when she approves of you.
  • Added new camp scene with Scratch and the owlbear cub.
  • Added Point and Click character responses.
  • Added 12 new magic items in loot and quest rewards.
  • Revised active roll UI during dialogue. This includes improved displaying of bonuses and double dice for rolling with Advantage or Disadvantage.
  • You can now use spells and items to increase chances when rolling during dialogue (including your companions’ spells and items).
  • Picking locks and disarming traps are now active rolls.
  • Added a new Disengage action that allows you to avoid provoking Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Adding an item during Bartering will automatically equalise the gold on both sides.
  • Added a way to cancel concentration from the concentration indicator.
  • You can now pin most tooltips to hover over additional terms… for more tooltips.
  • Increased the line limit in the dialogue history window.
  • You can now save while leveling up.
  • Added unique visual effects for class-specific spells.
  • Added new icons for spells, statuses and items.
  • Added dozens of new interactable items, expanding on the lore and background of the world.
  • Revamped visuals for spells used by multiple classes to create more cohesion with Class-specific spells.

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