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Battledome, a strategic space combat game that uses Alien Worlds NFTs, is now officially live

Players need 3 Alien Worlds NFTs in order to participate in up to 20-player strategic battles, with rewards given out for the top-ranked players on the leaderboard at the end of every month.

Restack.AI, a Norway and Ukraine-based studio of blockchain developers focused on NFTs, DeFi and crypto gaming, have announced that Battledome, a free-to-play space game that utilizes Alien Worlds NFTs, is now officially live.

Set in the Alien Worlds metaverse, Battledome has up to 20 players fight each other in strategic gameplay that involves battle orders, the ability to form alliances via planetary alignment and a battledome phase that gets changed every hour and gives bonuses to NFTs with the same element. Just like the social metaverse, this too runs on the WAX blockchain and thus requires a WAX cloud wallet, but also 3 Alien Worlds NFTs in order to play. Over time, the NFTs used in battles will have to be repaired, with the cost depending on the NFT’s rarity. Common cards cost 1 $TLM to repair, while repairing Mythical cards requires 10 $TLM.

The highest-ranked players on the leaderboard at the end of each month can end up receiving prizes such as Trillium ($TLM), boosts and NFTs.

This blockchain title was made “in cooperation with the Alien Worlds community” and is partially funded by the Galactic Hubs Pioneer Grant, which was given out via the Galactic Hubs Grant Program, a program meant to support various projects that contribute to the Alien Worlds metaverse. It was announced back in May this year, with Restack.AI winning the first Pioneer Grant in August, granting them the largest grant given out so far: 500k $TLM.

Alexander Grover, the Co-Founder and CEO of Restack.AI said the following in a press release:

“Alien Worlds instantly intrigued me. Here is a play-to-earn NFT game that is easy to get behind. It’s straightforward you can play it at the office, between meetings. Yet it’s also enticing. When we came upon the idea of a strategy game where we can battle with our NFTs, the concept of Battledome was born. We envisioned this strategic combat game in the Alien Worlds metaverse and through our cooperation with Dacoco.io and continuous feedback from the Alien Worlds community, we have been able to bring this game to life.”

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