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Beautiful Everspace 2 Whets Appetites With Impressive Update

Everspace 2 has received the last major patch with new content scheduled for the early access stage. It introduces a ton of changes.

Currently in early access, the space shooter Everspace 2 has received a masisve update. The patch is numbered 0.10.30110 and brings many new features.

This update is the last major patch in Early Access. With the next one, the game will leave the Early Access stage. Unfortunately, for now we don’t know when that will happen.

  1. The level scaling system, which adjusts the strength of enemies according to our progression, has been thoroughly overhauled. Previously, enemies were virtually always stronger. Now, if we make an effort, we can overtake them, but this is limited to a certain extent. When the player reaches a certain level, reaches a particular stage of the story or hits a new system, the game will strengthen enemies in previously visited locations, and we will receive messages that will justify it plot wise.
  2. The planetary systems available in the game have been enriched with new challenges, puzzles and missions.
  3. New types of enemy ships and legendary items have also been added.
  4. Players can install a forward shield generator in their vessel. It has two modes – in one it redirects intercepted projectiles towards enemies, and in the other it absorbs hits and converts them into energy for our weapons.
  5. The possibility of opening hyperspace rifts to dimensions filled with insane enemies has appeared. Players will be able to set their insanity level on their own, and the higher it is, the harder it will be for them to stay alive, but at the same time they will receive better loot in return.

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