Behold, the minds behind Chroma Squad and Knights Of Pen & Paper announced a new game called Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club. Ignoring the way they did them, this is a turn-based RPG. This is a project by which you’ll get to make the ultimate cosplay magic girl’s costumes by a different team and then make their own personal games. The game is still in development and has no release window left, but after what company has already done with the game, it is definitely going to be an incredible RPG. We have more info and the trailer below.

Credit: Behold Studios.

In the Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club the studio is focusing on creating a story driven RPG with their very well-known twist of mixing imagination and meta-reference. This time a Magical Girl gets her power from the start of an adventure of becoming a Cosplayer. You can create costumes and fight from scratch on the costumes you create. This game features an RPG built on a playable world. You’ll have the opportunity to explore other events and exhibitions to compete in cosplay contests. You’ll expand your inventory by removing materials and cutting out new material so you can take better off new costumes. As in the announcement trailer, there is a possibility of collecting magical pins, each of which gives you different abilities and skills.

  • Do your own magical girl costumes! Find new shapes and find new palettes for more creative life. There is no other limitation than your imagination.
  • Fight at turn-based battles. Each costume gives you the right and carries the skill and skill to defeat enemy. There is no one out there on the map.
  • Learn about events and competitions. Find new quests, explore different ways of life, find new materials, and improve your crafting levels.
  • Listen to this wonderful story of self-inclusion and self-improvement. As you are making friends and making them interesting cosplayers as well.
  • A quick and dynamic tactical RPG. Expect energy and fearless fought in this battle.
  • Inspired by our previous game,Chroma Squad. Live this amazing experience in the same world where the rangers saved the world from Lord Gaga and his evil boss Villain-X.
  • Collect more than 40 pins, designed with Magical Goddesses, each gaining some different skills, in battle.
  • Handcrafted, beautifully written main quest, with dialogues, cutscenes and many beautiful, looking NPCs to contact.
  • This is a great replay! Every time you play, you’ll have different side-quests and NPCs each time, which will differ from those that were once played last time. There are many ways to get this story back.