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Bethesda’s Roundhouse Studios is Reportedly Working on a PvPvE Game Based on a Major Comic License

There’s no shortage of major upcoming AAA games that are based on big licensed properties, but unsurprisingly, it seems that there are more in the works that we don’t yet know about (officially, at least). One of these, it seems, is the game being developed by Bethesda-owned (and Microsoft owned, in turn) Roundhouse Studios, which was formerly Human Head Studios (and reformed under controversial circumstances).

As spotted on Twitter by @FaizShaikh7681, the LinkedIn profile of a developer at Roundhouse Studios suggests prior to the closure of Human Head Studios, which is what Roundhouse was before it was reformed, the development team was working on a team-based PvPvE third person shooter built on Unreal Engine 4 and based on “a major comic license.” The brief description of the game on the LinkedIn profile makes mention of emphasis on “player movement, weapons, status effects, game modes” and “AI for a variety of creatures in the world”.

Interestingly, the profile of another Roundhouse developer mentions that that unannounced game, which started development in 2019, is still in the works, with the studio currently seemingly employing over 50 developers.

There are, of course, a lot of questions worth asking here. With Human Head having been shuttered and reformed as Roundhouse Studios, it’s unknown whether the exact same project is in the works, especially given how vague the information in this particular instance is. If it is the same project, it remains to be seen how much it will have changed since coming under the Bethesda umbrella. Of course, if the project does still exist, many will be curious to know what major comic license it is based on.

Either way, we’ll keep an eye out for new details, so stay tuned for more updates.

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