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Bit Hotel Releases Its First Game Update of 2023

The first update of 2023 for Bit Hotel includes the opening of the Moonbeam Room, release of new playable characters, a referral system and more.

The Bit Hotel team has announced the release of its first game update of 2023 for the 2D social metaverse.

In this sizeable update, not only have various bugs been fixed, but new content and features have also been added, such as a new location called the Moonbeam Room, new playable characters, a referral system and the option to buy items from the shop with new off-chain BTH.

The Moonbeam Clubhouse is a new “intergalactic” arcade room organized by Moonbeam, a smart contract platform for developing cross-chain dApps. In this room, players will soon get to do various quests and earn Moonbeam rewards. The developers said that players should stay tuned “on further updates on this clubhouse” in order to be “the first to participate in the Moonbeam promotions!”

Aside from introducing this new room, the team has also updated the game with new items, among which are new playable characters. As for the referral system, players can now find a referral option in the game where they can find an invite link that can be copied and shared with friends. Getting people into the game using your invite link comes with a reward of 100 tickets for both the referrer and the referral. You can get these tickets every time you refer someone.

In order to make it easier for newer players to purchase new items, the developers have now brought BTH “partially off-chain” in an effort to allow for “easy and gasless transactions.” As a result, players can now buy items from the shop using the new off-chain sBTH.

The development team has also teased what other goodies they have planned for launch soon. These include a new mini-game, wallet and chain-switching UI, updates to the room feature, new “Off-chain Marketplace functionality” and more.

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