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Black Desert goes ahead with its plans and introduces the exchange of cash shop items for silver

Last week we experienced a riot in the community of Black Desert Online when Kakao Games announced that they were planning to include the ability for players to sell cash shop items to other players for in-game silver. Much of the community rose up against this initiative and the protests seemed widespread. Many players and large clans on the server have signed for this option to be removed or modified. The Black Desert community has been filled these days with intense debates and scuffles with profanity between those who defended the course of the game and those who called for a change.

Kakao Games has always asked for and stressed that the opinion and suggestions of the players are very important. After studying the situation, it seems that they have decided to go ahead with their initial plans as if nothing had happened.

In today’s patch, players can now put their items up for sale on the in-game market. Also in today’s patch other changes have arrived to the game that You can read them in full in the official forum.


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