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Black Desert Online improves its Housing content with the Bluemane Lion Mansion

Pearl Abyss today announced that Black Desert Online is launching the long-awaited upgrade to the housing in the game, with the arrival of the Bluemane Lion Mansion. This content is available starting today, via the free weekly game update.

From now on, Adventurers will have unprecedented freedom to apply their vision and decorate their grand residence and garden in whatever style they like. There is a huge variety of decorative elements to choose from, such as unique flowers, trees, furniture and lighting that will keep the mansion beautiful even at night. Adventurers can also create your own furniture by crafting with materials that can be obtained by completing certain quests.

The mansion is located between Heidel and the Eastern Border to ensure that it is visible to as many Adventurers as possible. In order to rent the mansion, players must have 5 contribution points available and must complete a previous quest. Additionally, a daily rental fee will need to be paid, but players will get discounts depending on the number of days they rent the mansion.

To celebrate the arrival of this new content, a new event will be enabled that, for a limited time, will increase the drop chance of defeated monsters by 50%, as well as a 300% increase in combat experience and a 50% more skill experience.
Additionally, new daily attendance rewards will give Adventurers 70 Euros worth of in-game items, including 200 Cronilites, a valuable upgrade material.

For more information on this new update and Black Desert Online in general, please visit the official Web.

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