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Black Desert Online PC Adds A Sparkling Snowy Mount And Other Horse-Related Stuff

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Pearl Abyss is making your dreams of owning a sparkly flying horse in Black Desert Online PC a reality with the addition of the Quturan’s Fruit in this week’s update. But first, you’ll need to already be the proud owner of the Tier 10 Mythical Arduannat horse mount. Once the hard part is out of the way, all you have to do is to buy the fruit from the Librarian of O’dyllita NPC, Francia, and feed it to you hard-earned mythical steed to make it all wintry and sparkly.

“While we initially thought of a more arduous process to obtain this appearance, we felt that the process of awakening a Mythical Arduanatt was rigorous enough, so we felt it only fair to have a far simpler process when changing its appearance,” the developers said.

The devs also have you covered if you’re still working on getting your mythical horse mount as the update has also increased the chance of obtaining higher tier horses through breeding and mount XP gains from training mastery by as much as 75%. Wild horses roaming the game world will also now be either Tier 6 or 7 instead of Tier 1-5.

Those who’d rather have a fiery demon horse for a mount can expect a new appearance for the Mythical Doom mount to come out sometime in the future. “We’re currently working on Mythical Doom, and while we initially thought of a horse with blue flames, we felt it somewhat unimpactful compared to the already released mythical counterparts,” Pearl Abyss said. “So… we felt that we had a bit more work to do to prepare for Mythical Doom’s explosive release.”

There are also various non-horse related updates to the game this week, including new events featuring a buff-giving fountain and free item bundles for players to claim as Pearl Abyss prepares for another Heidel Ball this weekend.

2022 Heidel Ball | Black Desert

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