Gearbox Publishing and developer Casus Ludi announced a hand-drawn adventure game Blanc for Switch and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store). It is going to go on the new year’s first anniversary.

Here is the video and an overview of the game, from Gearbox: Books to Gearbox.


Blanc is a cooperative artistic adventure that follows the journey of a wolf cub and a fawn stranded in a snowy wilderness. They are unlikely to find their families together.

Key Features

  • For an Emotional Journey, please tell the vivid tale of a wolf cub in the breathtaking world of Blanc. In the snowstorm, they will have to lean on each other in order to follow the footprints their families left behind in the snow.
  • Breathe-and-white painting You can snooze a little before you even get into the world of white and white and black print. In a narrative, blanc explores the animals’ journeys and their experiences with free text and storytelling. The game allows players to dive fully into their winning world.
  • Follow the family’s trail. Every animal has its own unique strengths that complement the other, as well as the hard side that he is going to be the most proud of in the snow. With only two buttons and two movement, this simple game allows everyone to play and play their journey home.
  • A friend must work with the wolf or the fawn to take control of the fawn. Guide them through the environment, the unforgiving weather, and the obstacles that you’ll face together. Build a relation on the same screen or from many locations using online play.

Watch the announcement trailer below. View a set of e-mails in the gallery.

Announce Trailer