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Bless Online brings end-game content, new event and seeks help in the fight against hacks

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Today, July 4, the last of the Bless Online updates has arrived. This version v1.3.0.0 comes with new end-game content like daily quests royal quest, and the new faction PvP zone, ‘Basel Gorge’The update also includes things like the lumen transfer and a good handful of adjustments and improvements.

Full Patch Notes v1.3.0.0

Dungeon exploration event

From July 4 to July 18, every time we kill one of the bosses of the Patala Ruins and Migra Turis dungeons, we will win a lucky box that can have various gifts inside. Gifts range from consumables to special pet skins. Check all the details of the event

Help in the fight against hacks

The Bless team also in its fight against hacks has asked the players for help to report any unusual and suspicious actions they see, so the team can take action.

We have already received a lot of reports and some of them have already led to successful actions – In addition to our own efforts to prevent hacking itself, we need 3 things from you to minimize the damage players can do:

– Video proof (screenshot) in which you can definitely tell that someone uses a hack.
– Server name of the player using the Hack
– Hack username
(if possible time and date too)

Although we certainly appreciate these efforts, we would be much calmer if the Bless team explained it to us. how do you plan to fight so that these things are not possible or if they think to improve the detection tools so that users do not have to act as policemen.


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