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Bless Online gets the Elite dungeon and action cam for most classes

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The patch that the Bless team announced to us last week is here. With the version the dungeon arrives Migra Turris Elite for level 45 players and the action camera for most classes. It also adds increased loot for dungeons, balance changes, and bug fixes.

“We are very excited to bring the Migra Turris Elite dungeon online today,” said Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer at Neowiz Bless Studio. “It’s going to challenge our high-level players and reward them with some of the best weapons in the game. We’re excited to reintroduce the Action Combat control mode for more classes as we know a lot of our players are dying to try it out.”

you can see the full notes of the patch from Steam.

Bless Online is still in early access. At the end of July, the server merger is planned and the official launch is still prepared for later in 2018.


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