Behavior Interactive announces that the new Dead by Daylight chapter will be the second installment in its collaboration with the cult franchise Resident Evil. A new killer, the villain Albert Wesker, is known as Mastermind in-game. A new person arose in the mist, as are Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. With this release, fans will also receive a remastered map of Raccoon Police Station.

The lost son took the house off.

In June 20, 2018, Behavior Interactive met with Capcom to transform the iconic Spiderman’s series, Nemesis, Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy into real life in Dead by Daylight, with the like. One of the games most popular is the title. In the past, this was the first time that zombies were introduced to the game as AI assistants.

“Salcoming the legendary characters from Evil and the Universe over the past year has been a huge milestone for Dead by Daylight,’ said Mathieu Cote, head of Behavior Interactive. In video games, Capcom is the foundation of all survival horror. We honor the legacy of this legacy with a new chapter.

A powerful force

This years release is another opportunity to explore the world’s history of the dead by Daylight and deepen the backstory of a new villain and two heroes.

The unpredictable Ada Wong is an enigma; her true goal is as elusive as she is. Her survival skills nevertheless make her a valuable ally, even if their interests are aligned. Rebecca Chambers is a talented and gifted young woman who joined the STARS Bravo team in 1983 as a medic. Rebecca is an active member of a team, and will take a task to save that teammate in distress, even if it means taking a risk of the life.

Anyone who prefers to be a killer can look forward to a self-published book entitled Resident Evils. A naive politician who was ruthless and powerful, he was a high-ranking official of the Umbrella Corporation in spite of his own actions. Without the doubt that humanity is in a crisis, he injected himself with the prototype virus to make life possible. He became a force of a superhumanity with a desire to remove the weak, then created a powerful virus weapon: Uroboros. Weskers Contagious Dive allows him to climb forward to save survivors of a disease and spread the uroboros. This spray is a good option, providing for medical care, which is scattered throughout the map, but also in limited quantities, and even delaying the inevitable.

The Resident Evil franchise has spawned multiple acclaimed characters over the past 25 years, one of which every fan has their favourite. As a way to indulge the players of the nefarious Wesker or deads and deads and Rebecca Chambers, we can also take the Dead by Daylight experience to the next level, says Dave Richard, creative director of Dead by Daylight.

The Capcom team is very happy to work with Dead by Daylight again to expand on the original story about Resident Evil, said the publisher in a statement. It’s a proud moment seeing the many iterations of iconic characters like Albert Wesker and their rivals are standing in the new universe. That’s wonderful results and we hope the fans will enjoy this story.

The Police Station remastered the construction of Raccoon City.

In addition to being able to get into the shoes of these famous characters, players can also relive their quintessential Resident Evil experience in the upgraded Raccoon City Police Station map. It was developed in 2021 and the map is now complete with quality of life updates thanks to community feedback.

In the future, the Raccoon City Police Station will be split into two separate maps, built around the west and the east wings, thus making it significantly smaller. On both maps, the Main Hall is retained as its original layout. With the new window accessing, it’ll be easier to take action outside. Moreover, each version of the map is different, a room’s layout is different. In the throne, the players will find the STARS office, the darkroom and the archive rooms. The east side houses the boss’s office, the artroom, the roof terrace, and many more. The two-story layout will be retained, but navigation is easier than before. New entrances were created, a lot of corridors expanded, and some redundant rooms were removed, including the infamous second floor of the library.

The Dead by Daylight: Viruses (or The Dark: The Killer,” or SEC) will be available soon on Steam, PS5, Xbox, One, PlayStation, Xbox Game, Xbox Game, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.