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Can you bring an end to the Bookkeeper? – Hitman Elusive Target #22 is now live

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Agents, your next job is here. The contract has now been assigned and your next target is ready to be assassinated. For your next mission, it’s time to suit up once more and head off into the wonderful vistas of Colorado as you put your best skills to use once more with Hitman’s Elusive Target #22.

The latest assassination attempts are aimed in the direction of a man called Pertti Järnerfelt, known by many as The Bookkeeper – the financial expert to the criminal underworld and considered to be a myth by the various law enforcement agencies all around the world. In truth, the target has lead an unassuming and comfortable life whilst building a reputation for his meticulous attention to detail and organisation with many assuming a military background to be likely.

The Bookkeeper has been off the radar for some time with his last known appearance being a trip to his native Finland in 1983, and reports suggest he is physically fit with no known health conditions to speak of.

His work has often been found to include managing the finances of tyrants, terrorists and kleptocracies for decades. The client known as Locksley has assembled information on the targets whereabouts and has narrowed down activity to the shadow clients operation in Collorado, therefore making The Bookkeeper a priority target.

A secondary objective is also in place for this assignment, with the target’s ledger said to hold valuable information making its retrieval highly requested. It is worth noting that the target is indeed exceptionally paranoid and any sign of overt danger will result in the target fleeing immediately. You must plan accordingly.

Once more this is a matter of urgency and the clock is ticking, Agents, you have 160 hours to fulfil your contract.

It is important to bear the knowledge that Elusive Targets are unlike any other target you will have faced during your duty as agents with each of the Elusive Targets offering a one-time only assassination attempt and any efforts that may go awry will result in the loss of this target to never be seen again. Failure is not an option.

If you die during this mission, that is the end, there is no second attempt. Information on each target such as location, security and danger is limited to the information in your briefing video and the usual scanning of your area will be unavailable during this mission making planning a must.

Elusive Target #22 requires the Episode 5 content Collorado for those wishing to take part in this timed content and is available to all players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC right now through Friday, March 24th at 13:00 GMT.

Good Luck Agents.

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