Capcom is rarely stingy nowadays when it comes to their fighting classics. Collections such as the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection or the Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle are outstanding in both content and technology. The new Capcom Fighting Collection could join in seamlessly.

The collection includes 10 games, on which both the hands and the blades fly energously. The Darkstalkers series, which still comes to the attention of Klopp connoisseurs today, occupies the largest space: in front of lovingly drawn backgrounds, vampires, mummies, werewolves and zombies fight. The series is characterised by two spectacular sculpted films, wild specials and an anti-hero squad, while Capcom experimented with elements like air blocks or crouching dashes for the first time. Darkstalkers, Night Warriors and Vampire Savior are very different, but the episodes Vampire Savior and Hunter 2 are more variants of the third, with slightly different mechanics and differences in the squad. When I buy a book, I will use it to play a game. As it is, the biggest thing to do is buy a car instead of a car. The classic Spider-style Spider-Thriller is the ultimate Spider-style Spider-type Spider. Hyper Street Fighter II is the final incarnation of the classic.

For many Capcom connoisseurs, however, Red Earth in particular is a good reason to buy: The first title of Capcoms CP System III lets you choose between four fantasy heroes and eight powerful bosses, and small RPG elements are included on board. Red Earth inspires with superb sprites and powerful gameplay, so it looks a bit like a free duel version of the Dragons heaves with licence-free rules. All games are available in Japanese originals and, falls available, in the US localization. There are a lot of choices and specials could be placed on individual buttons, and hundreds of sketches and designs are included in each game. There are also various CRT filters which make a really good choice.