Team17 and developers of the independent Italian studio Stormind Games announced the date exactly for the release of his isometric action role-playing game Batora: Lost Haven.

Image Source: Team 17

Recall that Batora: Lost Haven was presented last January and a few months later Team 17 started the project. On top of that, the release was not planned until recently all year long.

As you know, Batora: Lost Haven will be on sale on October 20 this year for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X and S, while Nintendo Switch is due soon.

The game follows an Avril, 16, who possesses unusual powers when her planet is nearing destruction. The heroine will travel around the universe, trying to uncover ancient secrets and make fateful decisions.

The developers promise an interplanetary adventure, an interesting non-linear story with multiple endings, a fast-paced multi-layered combat system, complex puzzles and an retro fantasy atmosphere.

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