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Celeste team teasing Game Awards reveal for next project, Earthblade

Earthblade, the next game from the team behind indie delights Celeste and TowerFall, was originally announced over a year ago, but things have been pretty quiet since. However, it seems like that could be about to change…

Developer Extremely OK Games first revealed Earthblade last April with a “vibe reveal,” giving us some artwork, the logo, and some music from the ever-excellent Lena Raine. We’ve only had a couple of small updates in the last 18 months, but a new tease makes it seem like we could get our first proper look at Earthblade — the team’s follow-up to Celeste, which was formerly one of the best games on Game Pass before it dropped out last year — later today at The Game Awards.

Celeste team teases The Game Awards reveal for next game

The brief clip doesn’t exactly show an awful lot, but you’ll probably notice the somewhat out-of-place HD ‘damage numbers’ that pop up. It’s likely that these aren’t actually part of the game at all, just a not-so-subtle reference to today’s date, suggesting that we could see a proper reveal of Earthblade at The Game Awards this evening.

Earthblade is described as “a 2D explor-action game in a seamless pixel art world,” so it seems like it’ll be larger and deeper than the team’s previous games. An update from late last year spoke a bit about numbers and systems going beyond anything seen in the likes of TowerFall or Celeste, so we look forward to seeing what comes of the team pushing its boundaries… hopefully something we’ll see later today.

Keen to find out more about Earthblade? Tune in to The Game Awards later today to hopefully see a reveal, and we’ll be back later with all the big news from the event!

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