Chinese automakers seem determined to enter the European market for electric vehicles and consumer segments. A business from Middle Kingdom wants to present high-tech models with the highest safety rating at relatively low prices.

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In the last few months, several Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers received a five-star car safety rating from the well-known non-profit organization European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), in the last few months, this usually requires that their vehicles are armed with instruments in which they can operate in order to achieve the maximum speed of the energy used to get them back.

All Chinese EV makers want top rated Euro NCAP scores to get more competitive on the European market, said Xpeng. The company has been building a business and service center in the last three years in Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, so that the company will officially introduce its P7 electric sedan and G9 SUV to these countries in early next year.

According to European experts, China’s electric car manufacturers already realized the importance of electric vehicles is on the European purchasing decisions. In fact, as you get the Euro NCAP rating back in 2006-2007, you can avoid stereotypes about Chinese cars, their crash tests created the impression they weren’t particularly safe.

High ratings will also help the sales of Chinese vehicles to corporate fleets. That makes nearly half of the total sales in the European Union. Many of the fleets are changing the car market; therefore, sales are expected in large volumes. It has been that time of year that a lot of European manufacturers have brought up their prices.

That provides opportunities for Chinese businesses. According to a recent report, Sixt, the German company that rented cars of all kinds, announced plans to buy about 100,000 electric vehicles from BYD. Some of the Chinese manufacturers have already been awarded the euro NCAP rating by five stars.

Source of images: Xpeng.

According to French Inovev experts, about 155 thousand Chinese cars sold in Europe in the first nine months of its sale, as much as 2,000 sold in 2021 (about 80 thousand). Half of the models sold were electric vehicles, the share is already five %. In the coming years, China will not sell only electric vehicles in Europe. According to company’s forecast, electric vehicles will make up 40 percent of all electric vehicles sales in Europe and Chinese brands 12,5-20% of the electric market. With China offering more affordable options, the number could be even higher.

A 5 star Rating for the Euro CPA is very expensive, since every car has to be equipped with additional systems such as airbags, driving monitoring and driver assistance. However, Chinese businesses don’t stop at extra-cost. According to experts, the quality of cars made in the Middle Kingdom is now better than many competitors.

A new model will be used for Europe by BYD, Great Wall Motor (GWM) and other companies. Likewise, -Smuchs Scam is 35 kg, less than the VW ID.3.

According to experts, a large number of automakers are inferior to Chinese manufacturers when it comes to price. China is the only place on the planet today where you can buy affordable electric cars, they say. Developing countries like Japan and Afghanistan have an advantage.

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