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Chronicles of Elyria talks about the day and night cycles and the seasons

At this stage of development, boys Chronicles of Elyria They have raised a new question, how long should each cycle of day and night and the seasons last? How should all this affect the other features like survival, trading or farming?

These questions are answered for now, but being at such an early stage of development, everything can change quickly. Currently, each full day lasts in this MMO for about two and a half hours, with its sunrises and sunsets. In addition, each four real days we will be changing seasons.

Soulbound Studios He hasn’t talked about how these changes will affect the rest of the game’s features. But for example, regarding agriculture, they have already said that it will be possible to plant something that is harvested soon and other crops that better endure several seasons.

Finally, they have shown on Kickstarter some armor and animations of a few animals that can be found in the game.

You have all the details in his campaign kickstarter


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