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ChronoForge Releases Gameplay Sneak Peek

Adventurous RPG, ChronoForge releases its first-ever gameplay preview video, in preparation for a possible beta release.

ChronoForge Action RPG (formerly PxQuest) has released a video preview of its first gameplay. The game is a traditional multiplayer RPG gameplay that showcases a strategic PvP and an ever-changing world map. The rebranding activity did not affect the pre-existing community and the already released NFTs. However, the team created new social media channels to this effect. 

Recently, ChronoForge released a video depicting the gameplay of the RPG. The video was a call to action for anticipating players. Players were urged to explore the past, present, and future of the immersive game with or without NFT. The ChronoForge universe features beautiful landscapes full of multi-colored plants, mushrooms, birds, trees, and eye-catching buildings. Players are represented in a cartoon-like squirrel character as depicted on the ChronoForge Genesis NFTs. 

Unfortunately, players must battle with tons of formidable beasts in the ChronoForge universe. They also have to cope with the endless variation of the dungeons. Interestingly, players can loot items from boxes located at strategic positions in the game. The major goal of players is to raid and quest while trying to reclaim the polluted world.  The game also allows players to build kingdoms.

ChronoForge NFTs

In January 2022, ChronoForge unveiled its first set of playable characters called ChronoForge Genesis NFTs. It contained 5000 Adventurer NFT characters. The NFT can be used for the ChronoForge action RPG and other supporting mini-games. 

The Ethereum-based NFTs are available for purchase on OpenSea. Players can mint, carbon-neutral NFTs like characters, land, mounts, pets, and loot on Immutable X. Players can decide to own or trade any minted assets. ChronoForge Genesis holders can yield a $CHRONOS utility token which can be used to invite other adventurers and get more NFTs. Besides this, holders can play10 limited-edition races using enhanced gear and unlocked trait slots. Developers plan to release the game this year. 

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