The second DLC pack for the Civilization 6 Leader Pass has been released, adding 3 new National Leaders to the game. This set includes three historical generals: Tokugawa from Japan, Nader Shah from Persia, and Suleiman, the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire.

A tokugawas base capability called Bakuhan imposes penalties on international trade, but the BTC offers bonuses for each special area present at the destination. Combine it with the bonuses of every city within six squares of Japan’s capital, and you should be able to build high and tight – covering as many squares as possible with districts.

Nadir Shah, like him, started life as slave, but with the time of his reign became the world’s richest man, not a notable military leader. His Sword of Persia unique ability has 5 Combat Power when you are attacking the greatest enemies of the enemy, which improves a few Persia’s Immortal Special Early Weapons (Persia). Nader Shah can build a vast trading empire through conquest thanks to the bonus gifts Sword of Persia offer to cities that Nader Shah couldn’t find.

Suleiman, a general of the Ottoman Empire, was a military reformer and poet – and a philanthropist. A very large octagonal society has a history of civilization. He has the honour to control the golden age of the first generation of civilizations. His Splendor Ability gives +15% of Science and Culture during the golden age. If the Ottomans aren’t in the golden age, the ability gives +4 combat strength to units whose civilians aren’t in the golden age, as well.

The Leader Pass will eventually add 18 new leaders to Civilization VI through periodic DLC packs.