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Conan Exile will merge official servers to increase their population

After a great 2021, Funcom has decided to go one step further and improve the population of its servers. How do you do this without new players? So merging and bringing the community together on fewer official servers. Easy, right?

Messages will be sent ahead of time if you’re on a server that’s going down, your characters will transfer over and you’ll be left in the starting area. All of your inventory will transfer with you but there will be no builds.

Last year was very important for Conan Exiles. Isle of Siptah, the first big map that expanded the game was released on all platforms. The players went up quite a bit with the arrival of the game on Xbox Game Pass and the release on the Epic Games store.

Regarding the present and the influence of the community, the game team at Funcom is now bigger, and this makes support response times faster and comments are read and responded to faster on the forum and on Steam. In the Letter from the Producer, the year in question also includes Funcom’s dedication to supporting Conan Exiles and all the possibilities, including community-created mods and even improving the devkit to incorporate feedback and ideas that originated from the community.

More details in Conan Exiles.

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