Are you tired of reading all the features of Conan Exiles when its Age of Sorcery update goes live? Want you to get in a look and give feedback? The update is now available on the public testlive server.

Clearly, the test build introduced all the bells and whistles of the Age of Sorcery update that Funcom has been using in a racial comment. That means that you can experiment with sorcery spells and progression, the revamp of perks and attributes, the improvement of building and monetization new tools are available. The Test Build is a complete addition to a new event and a new weapon/armature and illusion system to allow players to dress their kit into the suit of their choice. Also note that grass won’t poke through foundations anymore. Finally.

Although the tests aren’t being implemented, the Age of Sorcery isn’t scheduled to arrive until the third quarter of this year, so there will be plenty of time to examine this and share thoughts.

source: official website.