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Conqueror’s Blade Halloween Event Announced

Strange stories await us in Conqueror’s Blade. Soldiers have heard tales of malevolent spirits in these lands, prowling and inspiring terror in those who dare stand up to them. But, they’re just stories, right? In any case, we must show who is in charge and do something to overcome this problem of morale. We have the necessary trick…

From October 25 to November 3, the players of Conqueror’s Blade they can earn extra amounts of Bronze, as well as experience for units and heroes. Bonuses grow on Halloween, when the devil is strongest…

31 October: 100% more Bronze experience for units and heroes.
November 1 to 3: 50% more Bronze experience for units and heroes.

Trick, treat and story contest for registered users

On the occasion of Halloween, for a limited time, you can choose a door on the Trick or Treat page on the website of Conqueror’s Blade. These have a power that has to be recharged, for which you have to choose an option before they are reset at 1 in the morning (CET) each day. This allows you to claim special rewards, such as the Dark Reaper and Desert Master Collector’s packs, Time for Premium accounts, plus Bronze, Silver and XP.

In our new seasonal contest, there’s a chance to win Halloween-themed cosmetics for Conqueror’s Blade. You just have to write a scary story with 300 or fewer words, the scarier the better.

The winners, who get the most nightmares from the jury, will be selected by the Conqueror’s Blade team on MY.GAMES. The best three (for each language) will win the following prizes:

1st place: Halloween Hero Outfit + Halloween Unit Outfit + Halloween Horse Armor.
2nd place: Halloween Hero Outfit + Halloween Unit Outfit
3rd place: Halloween outfit for hero

New spooky skins for a limited time

As part of our Halloween celebration, three new themed outfits for warlords, units, and mounts arrive. With them it will be more appropriate to end any ectoplasmic entanglement. The Plague Doctor Attire, Plague Doctor Mount, and Risen Unit are now available in the in-game store, but for a limited time only. Like all clothing and apparel in the game, Halloween skins are for cosmetic purposes only. They do not grant any benefit when equipped or applied.

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