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Construction Simulator 2022 – Vehicle List

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Are you starting your adventure with Construction Simulator 2022? Here you will find the list of all the vehicles you will find in the title.

Construction Simulator 2022 conquers Steam. In this construction work simulator, you will be able to operate more than 80 different machines. Below you will find a list containing the equipment available in the game.

Loaders are heavy machines that you will use mainly to move materials. The different types differ in design and purpose, among other things.



Dozers are huge machines used to move heavy objects – including large quantities of bulk materials.

A dump truck is a truck that has a movable cargo box. With its help, you can unload the contents yourself.

Asphalt Paver is, as the name suggests, a road machine used for laying asphalt.

A cold planer is a machine with a rather simple purpose. It is used to level freshly laid pavement by removing the top layer.

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