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Construction Simulator Multiplayer and Is There Region Change Option?

Multiplayer is a very important mode in Construction Simulator. Inthis guide you will learn about online gameplay, setting up your own lobby and changing the region.

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Construction Simulator is a game in which you can play the role of a laborer handling heavy construction machinery. The game offers many interesting mechanics, which are a lot of fun to explore together with other players. In this guide you will learn a few things about the multiplayer mode..

To be able to play together with friends, you need to complete the tutorial. Some players complain about this solution, but Construction Simulator offers a lot of options that can overwhelm at the beginning of the game, so it’s still worth getting through the tutorial and learning the basics. After completing it, in the main menu you can decide whether you want to play in single player or are interested in multiplayer.

How do I set up my own lobby?

Is it possible to start the game with multiplayer mode?

The game’s opening tutorial is fortunately not very long and is nevertheless quite enjoyable, but one can easily understand the dissatisfaction of people who bought this title and can’t immediately start the game from multiplayer mode.

Another important aspect that some players have problems with is changing the region. Unfortunately, it is set automatically depending on where you are. This is to ensure the best performance of multiplayer gameplay. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no option to change the region manually..

Construction Simulator is a new game, so it is very possible that the multiplayer issues addressed in this guide will be corrected in the near future.

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