Gamenews Can you display the map on a second screen of a The Witcher 3 or a Pokemon? The system of the Samsung brand has got to be solved.

Published on 20.12.2023 at 20.08.26.

The concert is quite special, but it should certainly be worth a look! Samsung has just introduced a new feature, in which you can extract elements from an image and to project them on another screen. A video game example was presented in particular.

My map shared helps you to share your thoughts and feelings.

You’ll find out that this is CES 2023, a big show dedicated to new technologies. Sony presented the new game for the PSVR2, or the controller, as well as the other leading manufacturersincluding Samsung.

The South Korean manufacturer has highlighted a new feature called Minimap Sharing, which would integrate the brands future televisions. This is a cheat code which, according to Samsung, allows you to crop a video game map to show it on another screen.

In this way, there is a bigger and more aittle map, this is useful for a more multiplayer game or large open world that would like to explore. En outre, a real-time zoom function can be found available, as well as a real advantage when a game starts! Some will point the finger at the Wii U and they’ll probably be right: It seems that Samsung hasn’t forgotten the famous Nintendo console.

Three photographs below. My colleagues at Numerama said: “I am a scientist.”

There’s a Samsung design that we loved most most. The chance of displaying the map of an application on another screen, like a tablet that we would put on our sofa. You can change the color of the pointer, too. #CES2023 – #2023:502#603:805#6018!

Numerama (@Numerama) January 4, 2023.

What kind of gadget would we have needed?

You should know there are several ways to use Minimap Sharing. The first is to use an artificial intelligence that will automatically locate the miniature map, which will then redeploy on a different screen in real time. Second, get your hands dirty by cutting out the part of which you will be projecting.

The somewhat interesting option is to project a card and then delete it from the interface. This is the option to use the game if they allow it. Since there is no such thing as the huddle, we can then take a closer look in the image as a map.

Also, Samsung has introduced a more practical cheat code, too useful? A virtual reticle is aimed for assistance. To have.