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Crabada announces 1st Anniversary Trivia and Battle Game v1.1.5 Update

The Anniversary Trivia is now live and features 20 questions to answer, while the update is focused on balancing changes and is planned to come out on November 21. Answer at least 10 questions correctly to earn 200 Spinach as a reward.

As Crabada celebrates its 1st Anniversary, the developers have now also officially announced the 1st Anniversary Trivia and Battle Game v1.1.5 update for their play-and-earn idle game.

To commemorate their birthday week, the team has decided to release this surprise Trivia in which players answer 20 questions in order to earn some rewards. Those who manage to get at least 10 correct answers will be rewarded with 200 Spinach via the in-game inbox after the event ends, while those who get less than 10  right will be awarded with a “small consolation prize.” 

The Trivia can be found as a Google Form linked at the end of the team’s latest Medium post, as well as in the tweet down below. The event will end on November 20 at 00:00 AM UTC.

As for the update itself, the focus this time around is on making various balancing changes, including changes to Factions, Classes, Equipment, Eye Effects and Pincer Skills.

The Bulk Clan, originally part of the Ore faction, will be joining the Trench faction, while the Prime Clan will move on from the Lux faction over to the Faeries faction. This now means that Trench has 2 classes, Sunken and Bulk, and Faeries now has Organic and Prime, while the other 4 factions remain the same.

Some changes have also been made to 4 classes. The base defense stats of the Bulk and Gem class have been increased, while the Craboid class will now inflict 200% critical damage and the Sunken class will have a 1.5x increase “to its Pincer Skill Bar when a Normal Attack is dealt to an enemy Crabada.”

The update is scheduled to release on November 21. For more info on everything that will be changed, as well as some lore details regarding the factions, check out the official Medium post here.

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