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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Multiplayer Modes Leaked

Toys for Bob has quite a lot in store with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time from multiple playable characters to tough Flashback levels. However, it seems multiplayer is also on the agenda, at least according to a recently removed IGN Spain article (check the archived version here). Both local co-op and competitive multiplayer are included with up two to four players participating.

The competitive modes (named Bandicoot Battle) consist of Checkpoint Race, which consists of races to reach the checkpoint fastest; and Crate Combo, which is about breaking the most boxes with each subsequent box increasing in value up to 32 points per broken box. These modes see Crash, Fake Crash, Coco and Fake Coco battling it out. Co-op, referred to as Pass N. Play, is more straightforward.

It sees four players essentially switching throughout the main story mode. This applies to both regular and N. Verted Levels. In both cases, online leaderboards won’t be available though it wouldn’t be strange to see them added post-launch. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is out on October 2nd for PS4 and Xbox One.

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