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CrossfireX Releasing in “Near Future” This Year, 3 New Maps Showcased

It’s been a while since Smilegate Entertainment offered details on CrossfireX, the Xbox-exclusive title based on its highly successful multiplayer shooter. In a developer update, executive producer Boo said that the team was “hard at work” on the title and one of those areas includes improving the graphical quality of maps in the beta. Three new maps were also revealed – Babylon, Invasion and Babylon Lab.

Babylon sees players fighting over control points (which provide special items in crates when captured) and accommodates two teams of 15 players each. Invasion is a more close-quarters map for Spectre Mode where the Black List can turn invisible and ambush any Global Risk players (though there will be mechanics in play to help the latter defend). Babylon Lab accommodates 16 players and is part of Infection Mode which sees players having to survive against the infected who swell in ranks with each kill.

The Tactical Growth System has also been revealed which allows players to choose different upgrades – like increased damage, health regeneration and a tactical shield – to gain an advantage for a single round. However, it will now be available in the third phase of a round as well with the option to turn into a Legendary mercenary called the Boogieman. More Legendary mercenaries will be revealed later.

Though CrossfireX doesn’t have a release date yet, Boo noted that it would launch in “the near future this year.” Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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