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Crowfall creators open a new division to offer their engine to other studios

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ArtCraft entertainment the developers and creators of Crowfall have created a new division, ArtCraft Technologies, Inc., to license its virtual worlds engine to other companies that are creating MMO games. ArtCraft believes that by using its engine, studios can lower the cost and shorten the time it takes to develop an MMO by 2-3 years.

Crowfall is created using the Unity graphics engine but what ArtCraft offers is all the collection of tools and virtual world building that they have created during these years of development in Crowfall.

A few weeks ago we learned that the study had already licensed this motor for another company and that they will soon announce the name. Now with the creation of this new division we know that it has not been a one time thing and that ArtCraft believes that they can offer their engine to many more studios.

This technology platform, the Artisan Engine, will include a robust set of features to solve the full spectrum of challenges that arise from supporting thousands of concurrent players in a virtual world: networking, persistence, physics, procedural world generation, dynamic world and worlds without transitions up to 5,120 meters by 5,120 meters of size. In addition, it includes a complete and exhaustive layer of RPG, including Characters, Inventory, Equipment, Monsters, AI, Gathering, Races, Classes, Subclasses, Powers, Banking, Safe Trade, Skills, Levels, and more.

“Essentially, the Artisan Engine provides all the interlocking systems that make a virtual world workexplained ArtCraft President and Executive Producer Gordon Walton. “Online gaming budgets have skyrocketed, with development teams of over 100 people and schedules stretching up to seven years. A significant portion of that time is spent reinventing the wheel. We can stop that effort, saving you more than 10 million dollars and reducing your schedule from two to three years«.

The company is also pleased to announce recruitment from the MMO veteran Joseph Hall to lead this new division. The co-creator of Wizard101, Pirate101 and Shadowbane, Hall has a mountain of experience in MMO development. He joins ArtCraft after a long stint as Vice President of Development and Production for all KingsIsle Entertainment titles. He was also the co-founder and president of Wolfpack Studios (acquired by Ubi Soft Entertainment in 2004).

“This is a great victory for our company. Joseph is one of the most experienced MMO executives on the planetsaid J. Todd Coleman, CEO and Chief Creative Officer. “ArtCraft continues to build a team of professionals unmatched in the industry.”

“What ACE has built is impressive. This is a unique opportunity,” explained Hall, describing his decision to leave KingsIsle after 13 years. Although there are a handful of commercial rendering engines available to developers, there are no complete solutions to start a virtual world. The time and cost benefit for an MMO – and for other mediums, like VR and MR – is absolutely staggering.”


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